About us

Who are we?
Switchon AS is an engineering company delivering elegant solutions to modern society. Our solutions are designed and engineered to precision and perfection - ready to “Switch ON”. Switchon AS is based in Oslo, Norway and has partners and vendors in Europe and Asia.
What do we do?
Our key competence is engineering based on innovative, production-friendly and efficient solutions. Our product development and design can be applied to custom engineering and our own products. We have our own workshop where we prototype, test and make small-scale production, ready for larger volume production.

Switchon AS is a privately held limited company.

Switchon AS was founded in 2000 by Ragnar Lian and Lars Simonsen and Morten Lindberget as an electromagnetic and electromechanical company. Our starting point was PVDF – sensors design and sale of permanent magnets.

After 2005 we largely increased our activity and started making tools for the plastic injection industry. In 2006 Switchon AS invested in its own machine shop. We also co-located with Beck Engineering AS (www.beckengineering.no )at Kalbakken in Oslo where we continue to share facilities, knowledge and spirit. Switchon AS work with both established companies like Kitron ASA, Note Norge AS, Axis Shield, Vinghøg AS, Tomra ASA, HERNIS Scan Systems AS and start-up companies like Dolphiscan AS and OptoSense AS. For these companies we have been involved in both product engineering and development of production equipment. Since 2009 we have extended our product range into the field of security equipment – Switchon Light. After 2008 the General Manager is also the main shareholder of the company.