Engineering your product

Whether you are a well-established company or just starting up, we can
grasp your ideas and intentions and turn them into profitable products. Our experience ranges from medical equipment, industrial products for household, communication products, and special actuator and sensor products.

For manufacturing of parts, we provide full tooling service. Through our established partners and network we can help find the best solutions to challenging production problems.

For assembly, we make our own production equipment specialized for your product. This helps make assembly in your premises effective and safe. Efficient production assembly from the start is a key to compete in high cost societies and be able to launch products in a modern marked where the introduction-window for new products can be very limited.

* * *

We work with 3D CAD to design and visualize products and solutions. Next, we transfer design components to CAM-programs for programming and manufacturing in CNC machines.

Where simulations are suitable we perform structural analysis or plastic flow simulations to optimize the product.

After design reviews we transfer 3D files for production of tools in plastic injection-, metal casting- and stamping processes.