Our Team

Lars Simonsen

Managing director

In a professional and dedicated company like ours, the managing director is both responsible for business processes and engineering process.

With a background in tool making Lars merged into production automation / robotisation and product engineering through a carrier in small and large international companies before founding our company Switchon AS in 2000.

Jeff He

Sourcing manager

We believe in international cooperation and taking advantage of emerging countries’ both intellectual and creative resources and manufacturing capacities.

With a background as a mechanical engineer and extended experience in tool making, Jeff is our key competence in sourcing production and following up vendors.

Tom Pettersen

Production manager

Tom is responsible for our machine shop and has excellent skills in fine mechanical work. His background is in electronic manufacturing business like EB and Kitron, where he worked with prototype production and production processes.

His knowledge of various machining processes and materials for electromechanical products is of great importance to our development of products and services.